Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Craft...

Hi there!

I haven't been around much lately...been busy trying to make some new jewelry. I finally got some of it listed in my shop, check it out!

I also signed up on My Craft. It is a social network of, you guessed it, crafty people! You can check out my site here. I have started putting up photos of some of my jewelry there (I have to resize several of them) but I think that will be a good place for me to be able to show off some of the items that I have already sold and some custom items that never make it into my shop.

Anyhow, at My Craft I immediately got messages from a couple of people, and several have requested to be 'friends' with me. I can also see the number of views on the photos that I have posted, as well as how many people have checked out my profile. Seems like a pretty friendly community!

So, if you are looking for another way to display your talents and meet new people, check it out. You can check out my site to get an idea of what it's all about if you'd like. I'm sure that in no time many of you will be able to tell me more about it than I have figured out. Sharing is such fun!

Well, lunch break is just about over, so I've got to go. Have a good one!


LizardQueen Jewelry

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