Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII Contest!

Hi there!

I decided to add a contest to go along with the Super Bowl XLIII Promo! There will be two prizes...Earrings in the Steelers team colors and earrings in the Cardinals team colors!

All you have to do is take a look at the earrings an *heart* the earrings representing the team that you want to win the Super Bowl. During half time of Super Bowl XLIII, a winner will be drawn from the hearts on each's that easy! So take a look and vote for your team!



Be sure to check this thread to see who the winners are! Good Luck!


LizardQueen Jewelry

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII Promo!

Hi Everyone!

Check out this new promo that Elissa and I are having in honor of our football teams in the Super Bowl this Sunday!

We are offering a discount that will be based on the outcome of Super Bowl XLIII...check it out here!

Keep checking back for chances to win and get great discounts from From My Hands To Yours and LizardQueen Jewelry! Thanks!

Have a good one!


LizardQueen Jewelry

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Valentine's Day Contest!

Hi...I haven't been able to post for a few days, but I wanted to let you all know about a Valentine's Day Contest. Just take a look at the list of entries here and post on the thread. To vote for your favorite(s), all you have to do is *heart* them...Pretty easy, isn't it?!

There are lots of great shops that have donated prizes as well. The opening post of the forum thread has the details as well as a list of some of the prizes.

Remember, all you have to do to vote is go take a look at the entries and *heart* your favorite(s). The contest and voting end at 5 pm EST on January sure to cast your vote before it's too late!

Oh! And here is my entry in the contest!

Here are the rest of entries in the Valentine's Day Contest!
Be sure to take a look and vote for your favorite(s)!

1. missknits -
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4. theknitbrit -
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10. boutiquepillows -
11. thecozyloft -
12. sunraven0 -
13. leogistic -
14. cahabaconfections -
15. jessejanes -
16. elizabear -
17. Krishenka -
18. zappyturtle -
19. spiritedwoodland -
20. liquidsabre -
21. LizardQueenJewelry -
22. CreationsbyChristina -
23. gopita -

Have Fun and Good Luck!


LizardQueen Jewelry

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Craft...

Hi there!

I haven't been around much lately...been busy trying to make some new jewelry. I finally got some of it listed in my shop, check it out!

I also signed up on My Craft. It is a social network of, you guessed it, crafty people! You can check out my site here. I have started putting up photos of some of my jewelry there (I have to resize several of them) but I think that will be a good place for me to be able to show off some of the items that I have already sold and some custom items that never make it into my shop.

Anyhow, at My Craft I immediately got messages from a couple of people, and several have requested to be 'friends' with me. I can also see the number of views on the photos that I have posted, as well as how many people have checked out my profile. Seems like a pretty friendly community!

So, if you are looking for another way to display your talents and meet new people, check it out. You can check out my site to get an idea of what it's all about if you'd like. I'm sure that in no time many of you will be able to tell me more about it than I have figured out. Sharing is such fun!

Well, lunch break is just about over, so I've got to go. Have a good one!


LizardQueen Jewelry

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Look What I Just Got!

Hi! I just wanted to show off my fancy-schmancy new blog thingy! Look over to the top right of the screen...see's one of those neat-o buttons that will take you directly to my Etsy shop!

I love it! I have to admit that I had very little to do with getting it there though. It was designed by my friend Denise of Clear Lake Creations and Haven Dawn Designs. She was also kind enough to give me the instructions and walk me through getting it on my blog. And look, she even got me the information that I needed so that others could put my link on their blog too! Such a doll she is...check out her shops. She has makes fabulous bath and body products and beautiful pendants...she can even do custom pendants!

Well, I'm off to update some more photos in my shop, and maybe even list a few new ones...don't forget, if you want to see them, just click on the green box in the upper right corner of the page...Thanks!

Have a good one!


LizardQueen Jewelry

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My New Treasuries...

Hi Everyone...

Just a quick post to link to the Treasuries I made this morning on Etsy...

Here Lizard, Lizard, Lizard...


The Colors of Your Hearts...

Check them out if you get a chance!

Have a great day!


LizardQueen Jewelry

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Jewelry

Hi Everyone...

I was just listing some new jewelry in my Etsy shop, and I thought I'd come over and try to share some photos here as well. I'm not really sure about the layout aspect, so I am going to be doing some trial and error until I figure out what works best with photos. Let me know what you think. What you think of the jewelry that is!

I also wanted to mention that I signed up for yet another way to help promote LizardQueen Jewelry, and more specifically, this blog. I have registered this blog with BlogCatalog which is a social community for bloggers. I was referred to this by my friend Elissa. Check out her great Etsy shop, From My Hands To Yours!

Well, I guess I should get back to listing...Have a good one!


LizardQueen Jewelry

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

CONTEST ENDED 1/18/09...Congratulations to the winner, Trish!

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to share this great contest that I came could win a beautiful handbag! This is handbag is from a fellow Etsy shop, Girly Girl Bags. Check out the contest at Designs by Vanessa! You can also just click on the link to the right ------>>>

While you're there, check out their great blog and Etsy shop! Good Luck!


LizardQueen Jewelry

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Analysis So Far... Google Analytics has a ton of information! I am not really sure what all of it means, but I'll give you the run down of what I think is most important to me at this time.

For my Etsy shop, LizardQueen Jewelry since January 9th I have had:
  • 204 Site Visits, 98 Visitors from 13 countries
  • Average Time on Site is 2:25 minutes, 2 Pages per Visit
  • 420 Page Views
  • Traffic Source Breakdown: 53.9% Referring Sites, 31.9% Direct Traffic, 8.8% Search Engines, 5.3% Other (I will work on further analyzing that later.)
For this Blog since January 9th I have had:
  • 35 Site Visits, 15 Visitors from 2 countries
  • Average Time on Site is 2:36 minutes, 1.8 Pages per Visit
  • 63 Page Views
  • Traffic Source Breakdown: 94.2% Referring Sites, 5.7% Direct Traffic
As I said, I'm not sure exactly how to use this information, but I will continue to track, learn and share. For now I am happy that I have access to the statistics that show me how many people are visiting. I plan to work on looking into where the referrals, which is obviously the largest source of traffic to both sites, are coming from so that I can focus on getting my shop name out to the right places.

Well, I'm off to go update some photos in my shop and list a few new pieces of jewelry...Have a good one!

LizardQueen Jewelry

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A New Ring...

Okay, I'm trying something new here...I'm going to try to post some pictures of a new ring that I made. I haven't listed this in my Etsy shop yet, because I haven't decided if I want to sell it or not.

I made this ring with sterling silver wire and a beautiful crystal that I just received from my friend Elissa's shop, From My Hands To Yours. It was a surprise that she included with my's like she's known me all her life!

Let me know what you think...Thanks!

LizardQueen Jewelry

Friday, January 9, 2009

What's In The Box?

I just wanted to let you all know about this wonderful group of people that I have met on Etsy. It all started with one of the most amazing women I have met, Elissa. She decided that she wanted to have a contest, What's In The Box, in which the lucky winner got $1000 worth of items from her Etsy shop, FromMyHandsToYours. That's right! One individual gave away a $1000 prize! And she did it for the sheer pleasure of making someone else happy. Someone that she had never even met! Very Oprah style, I must say!

Well, during the commission of this, lots of people joined together in the What'sInTheBox forum on Etsy. Afterall, all you had to do to enter the contest was to post in the forum. That is where I began to converse with this incredible group. After the contest was over, Elissa wanted to do it again, and by this time she had inspired others to want to share their beautiful creations and fabulous vintage items. So, What'sInTheBox evolved into a group of people that wanted to share with others, just because they could.
In the end, 50 people each donated $20 Gift Certificates to their Etsy shops, making another $1000 prize for one lucky winner. Along the way, there were almost 14,000 posts! Posts of people that wanted to enter, posts of people promoting their shops, posts of people promoting other shops, posts of admiration and, most of all, posts of people helping others and getting to know people that they never met. People that would never come together if not for What's In The Box. So, on December 26th, a winner was drawn. And, as should be expected, no one wanted the fun to end...they didn't want to lose this place to come and chat with their new friends.

Naturally this meant that What's In The Box would have a Round 3! As with everything in life, improvements must be made, so this time around there are a few changes. As amazing as it must be for one person to win all of those Gift Certificates, wouldn't it be great if 50 people could win a Gift Certificate? So that is what Round 3 is. When we have 50 shops that want to be involved and will donate a to the prize, this time there will be 50 drawings! That means that 50 different people could each win a $20 Gift Certificate. That means we could end up with 50 happy people instead of one!

If you would like to be involved, either to donate or just to enter and try your luck, all you have to do is post in this forum, What's In The Box, Round 3, and while you're there, check out all of the wonderful things that the featured shops have to offer!
You can also go right to the What's In The Box blog, where Elissa kindly features some of the items from Featured Shops, as well as bios to let you get to know some of the Featured Sellers. You may even to find fun new information and contests.

...And don't be surprised if you find lots of new friends there!

Here is the current list of Featured Sellers for Round 3: - DESTASH, jewelry, scarves, shredded t's - ONE OF A KIND & Custom Jewelry - CUSTOM jewelry at AFFORDABLE prices - one of a kind creations - handmade and vintage jewelry - handmade bows and clippies :) - stunning handmade pendants - handmade quality bath and beauty - unique glass tile pendants - Fine art photography - decorative/tole painting - Unique Children's Clothing

I will continue to update this list as we add Featured Sellers!

Thanks for your time, and enjoy shopping around for what YOU could win!

LizardQueen Jewelry

January 9th

Hi again! I just wanted to write a little update about my newest venture in trying to get an online boost for LizardQueen Jewelry.

I know that I will likely have to invest in some advertising at some point. I have already done a few little things, such as trying a couple of Etsy Showcases and Own The Hour. Again, I noticed some additional traffic with these, but was it coincidental or was it really worth it? I don't know, so...

I decided that it was time to determine how and where visitors were arriving at my shop. It seems like that would be a good place to start so that I can better reach my target audience...all of you out there who love handcrafted, one of a kind jewelry! I have decided to sign up with Google Analytics to try to track that very information. I know that they can also provide much, much more information, but this is what I have decided to start with so that, when I do start a little advertising, I will be doing it (hopefully!) in the right places.

Now, I just set up my profiles for both this blog and for my Etsy shop, so I don't have any info reports yet, but I will be sure to update as I start receiving them. Hopefully I will get some really useful info that I can pass along to all of you!

Gotta go now...Have a good one!

LizardQueen Jewelry

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 6th

Well, I have spent the last few evenings working on more ways to promote and get the LizardQueen Jewelry name out there. I am not really sure if any of this is working, but here is what I have done...
  • I listed some of the items from my Etsy shop on Found Handmade
  • I registered with Link Referral (the link for this site is at the bottom of the page)
  • Oh yeah, and I started this blog
I have noticed an increase in views in my shop, so who knows...maybe it is working. I'll just have to wait and see...

Next I have to continue updating and improving the photos of the items that I have listed, as well as listing some of my new items. All of this doesn't leave me much time to make more new jewelry, but I somehow manage to do that too. I guess I can fit it in because that is what I enjoy, and that is the purpose of all of this!

Well, I'm off now to get a custom ring ready to mail. Have a good one!

LizardQueen Jewelry

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Here goes...(Otherwise known as...oops! Did I really click there?)

Hi...It's Janet. I will be honest here, I've been thinking about starting a blog as a place to show off some of the custom jewelry that I've made. The problem is, I don't really know what I'm doing.

I actually thought that I was just checking to see if this name and URL were available. I guess they were, because here I am! I suppose the time to learn is now. Please bear with me!

It is going to take me some time, but I have some great friends that are great about sharing information and helping, so I think I just might be able to muddle through and make this work!

Unfortunately I have some work that I need to do for my real job tonight, so I won't be able to start immediately, but I'll be back soon!

In the meantime, please feel free to take a look at some of my one of a kind jewelry in my Etsy shop

LizardQueen Jewelry

Thanks so much!